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It's simple. We believe it's important to make a kindness impression in the world, so we decided to create a campaign that does just that...and what better place to start then with our kids.

Every dollar collected goes directly to making another kindness impression on our future - a second grader. A Kindness Impression shirt is given to every kid in the class, providing the teacher a tool to foster conversation, encourage positive behavior, and make a kindness impression on our kids...making a difference in everyone's tomorrow.

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Sponsor an entire 2nd grade class

You or your company can also sponsor an entire second grade class, and make an even bigger kindness impression.

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At Creative Brand Consulting we make brand impressions every day for our clients, and this is our way of making
a difference in
the classroom at a time.

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Make YOUR Kindness impression:

Make A Kindness Impression is an outreach campaign brought to you by the folks at Creative Brand Consulting and Kindness Gateway.

Make A Kindness Impression is for outreach efforts only; it is not a non-profit organization, therefore your donations and/or sponsorship contributions are not tax-deductible.

Participating 2nd grade classrooms are selected through a vetting process conducted by CBC and it's consulting industry partner, and we reserve the right to change/modify/alter the program at any time.

© Copyright 2013: Kindness Gateway d/b/a Make A Kindness Impression.